12 characteristics of platinum
meet 12 elements of faith.

Faith is a journey. If there was ever a time in history that we needed to be “filled up” and ready to walk in our callings, it’s now.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to take this journey of faith with us? 

Let the platinum process begin.

Platinum Faith
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Platinum Characteristics

  • Useful
  • Withstands the Heat
  • Precious
  • Rare
  • Shines Brightly
  • Created to Bond
  • Malleable
  • Resists Corrosion
  • Heavy
  • Special
  • Noble (Non-reactionary) 
  • Difficult to Tarnish
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It’s time to
Live Brilliant

Do you ever feel less than–less important or less valuable than others on social media, at work, or even in your own friend circles?

Would you like to know with confident assurance just how precious, loved, and valuable you are to God and believe that God has a purpose-filled plan for your life?

In Platinum Faith, best-selling authors and inspirational speakers Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany Jett examine twelve unique properties of the precious metal platinum to show us how to embrace our true worth and cultivate a deeper faith in God.

Silver Medal CAN

Platinum Faith: Live Brilliant, Be Resilient,
and Know Your Worth won the 2019 Silver Medal
for Outstanding Broadcast Media by the
Christian Authors Network. 

Combining honest and relatable stories with inspirational insights, they unpack each of these properties (including malleable, unreactive, resistant to corrosion) and the spiritual and practical applications for your life, helping you to:

  • Realize your importance to God (Valuable)
  • Choose not to react to negativity but only to the life-giving Word of God (Unreactive)
  • Know that you are important and useful to the Kingdom (Useful)
  • Believe God, trust His plan, and walk in faith (Rare)
  • …and more!

Get ready to cultivate platinum faith and walk in confidence that your life is valuable and counts for God’s kingdom!

Includes a foreword from New York Times Best-selling Author Victoria Osteen.

Platinum Faith is available wherever books are sold!

What Others Are Saying…

I’ve laughed out loud and cried real tears reading through the journey of “Platinum Faith” Michelle & Bethany reveal we are on this journey together & to “just start where you are.” As the reader, we are allowed more than a glimpse into real lives challenged by hard times & watch as Faith is grown and built on the One foundation that withstands it all.

S. Hasis

Just received my book this morning. So impressed already that I am planning to use for a women’s study. Perfect book for growing a group of women.

Clella Camp


Platinum Faith: Live Brilliant, Be Resilient, & Know Your Worth

Platinum Faith